Styles for Winter Into Spring: Key Pieces to Have

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I finished up my series last week on Styles for Winter into Spring and this is a follow up post to bring it all together! I’ve rounded up what I consider the key pieces for your base wardbrode to transition into spring.

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A reminder, I’ve talked about hightop canvas sneakers, cargo pants, the balletcore trend, trench coats, wear with anything t-shirts and pencil skirts. Phew!

I’m a little surprised what have ended up being my favorite pieces over the last six weeks. Here they are:

1. My hightop canvas sneakers, not really a surprise there 🙂 This awesome skater dress is sold out at Nordstrom, boo. I know I’ll be wearing it more as the weather warms up. I’ll see if I can find similar styles and update then.

2. The denim pencil skirt has surprised me! I loved walking around NYC in that skirt and felt confident and comfortable. It is pricey, I used my birthday coupon to buy it, but refer back to my post on that (link above) to see others at different price points.

3. My trench coat and clear umbrella. I’ve worn this coat a ton so far this year and know I will well into May. This umbrella has made rainy days extra cheerful; I actually want to use it!

That’s a wrap! I wrote these blog posts to help me get through what I consider the most difficult time of the year; in both a mental and physical way. Focusing on transition pieces in my style has helped make the time go by a bit easier 🙂

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