Styles for Winter Into Spring: Trench Coats

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This week’s edition of Styles for Winter Into Spring we are discussing the classic trench coat. A piece of clothing for your base wardrobe that will serve you for years to come. I rounded up a selection of them at various price points, see that here on my LTK page.

I recently took a trip to Old Navy, a favorite for my children, and when my eye saw this navy trench coat I was awed. It’s gorgeous. I walked away. Then I walked back. I decided to try it on and that was it for me.

A great place to find a classic trench coat is your local thrift shop. I have a khaki colored one I found a couple of years ago; can’t beat their prices! Mine (below) is lighter in weight than my new Old Navy one.

Here are some outfit inspirations and ideas for trench coats for winter into spring:

Cooler Day

Obviously for a cold day this coat wouldn’t be warm enough; so for a cooler day, talking 40-50 degrees F, layered over a long sleeve top is suitable. This was my outfit yesterday. I have fleece lined tights on under my dress and was comfortable.

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Rainy Day

I love my new dome cheerful umbrella for spring rain. Some trench coats have a hood but not the coats that have a classic trench coat structure. My two coats don’t have a hood so an umbrella is needed for me!

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Nicer Day

The below picture was a nicer February day. Reality though, when I left the house I changed into socks and sneakers.

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Do you have a classic trench coat you love?

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