What To Wear To a Broadway Show Year-Round

One of the joys of where I live in Connecticut is being out in the country yet only an hour and a half drive into NYC on any given day. It’s awesome.

I’ve been to Broadway shows at all times of the year and do prefer when it’s above 60 degrees, but the experience is enjoyable at any time. I always say, you can’t go wrong seeing a show that is on Broadway, they are all amazing and you will have a wonderful time.


Let’s start with the fall because we just hit the first day of autumn here. I have seen shows in both September and October. A long sleeve dress that hits the knee is perfect.

This month I saw The Music Man (amazing!) and I wore sneakers with my dress because the day included walking around the city too. A comfortable boot works as well, especially if it’s a bit cooler out. Last October I saw Hamilton and wore a midi long sleeve dress with a mid-calf boot. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that outfit.

If it’s cooler than 60 I would add tights and maybe a sweater to cover your shoulders. I’m always cold in the theaters and need an extra layer no matter what time of year it is.


This one is tricky! I’ve seen shows in December and in January, both days were freezing cold. One outfit included fleece lined tights underneath black wide leg pants, a tucked in blouse with a sweater over it. I wore socks over the tights and added fur lined Vejas high top sneakers. My winter coat and a beanie topped it all off. Don’t forget gloves.

Sorry for the smooch pic, only pic of my outfit that December.

I’ve also worn jeans with tall boots to a winter show (the show was Frozen ironically). Thick socks over the jeans too. Topped with a turtleneck and cardigan sweater with a chunky necklace, scarf and winter coat. A hat that covers the ears is important! I’m not afraid of ear muffs here too. Lol.

Circa 2014


A spring outfit for Broadway could go multiple ways depending on the weather. Similar to autumn I would say but with a higher chance of rain. Waterproof shoes are a must! Even if the day doesn’t include a lot of walking, just to walk from where you park or where you get off the train is enough to soak your feet.

Knee high waterproof boots are a good idea, with jeans, leggings, tights and a skirt or dress. I have an old floral light coat that worked great for me; the coat covered my butt, which is nice for a cooler day. This was 2009 and I still have that coat, from Target.

Circa 2009 to see Wicked!


For a June performance one year, to see The Book of Mormon, I wore a romper, jean jacket over it and comfortable sandals. I would not, repeat, would not, wear that again. Using the restroom in NYC in a romper is not something I would recommend. Lol.

A midi or knee length dress would have been easier here. I recommend wearing bike shorts underneath in summer, it helps with sweat 😉

On a really hot day I wore a simple spaghetti strap dress and my Vans. I was very comfortable.

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With every single trip to a Broadway show I’ve used a cross body bag. A bag you can keep across the front of you and allow you to be hands free is a good idea. I’ve known people who have been stollen from in the city, don’t use a backpack if you can help it.

Let me know if you have any questions on what to wear to a Broadway show!

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