An Afternoon in Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic is a highlight of Connecticut and a place I visit a couple of times a year. It is almost two hours from my house, otherwise I would likely visit more. There is something special about the water, the village, the food and sightseeing, all giving me appreciation for living in Connecticut.

We started our afternoon at Mystic Village. We love the Cloak and Wand store and wanted to attend their Stranger Things invasion. That was our first stop.

I love the history and color of the village and enjoying walking around and grabbing little treasures here and there.

Alice in the Village is a favorite

I frequently visit Mystic Village in the winter to Christmas shop. It looks delightful in holiday decor and lights! A must see in Connecticut during the holidays.

From Mystic Village we drove over to the waterfront, Main Street area. It was close to dinner time and we still had no problem finding parking on the street. Might be tougher to find parking on the weekend; there is a lot to pay to park in.

Strolling on the boardwalk

As we were walking across the draw bridge the bells and sirens rang because it was about to go up! A bit exciting to see because we hadn’t witnessed that here before.

I’ve eaten at Mystic Pizza before and highly recommend that while strolling the Main St area, but this summer afternoon I had my heart set on a lobster roll. We drove to the Seaview Snack Bar because I knew they had good food and something for everyone.

Some sights while exploring Mystic:

Outside of Mystic Seaport Museum

What are your favorite things to do in Mystic?

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