Connecticut State Park Journeys: Trout Brook Valley

I finished 2021 checking off another state park from my list! I have visited 29 of the 107 Connecticut State Parks so far. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon 🙂

This was a hike I did with my three kids, all did totally fine, an easier hike. We did almost four miles, but shorter hikes can be done at Trout Brook Valley for sure; there are many trials. It’s very dog friendly.

My path. We parked at the small lot on Bradley Rd in Weston. FYI, it filled up quickly that morning (was over holiday break).

Happy hiking in 2022!

Connecticut State Park Journeys: Lamentation Mountain

My middle daughter fractured her foot in October so our hiking has been minimal. Boo. I’ve been able to go out with my sister a couple of times and we checked Lamentation off our state park list. We paired it with Giuffrida Park because Lamentation isn’t that big of a place.

Here’s the track I followed, it was a 10k, just over six miles total:

I’m getting pretty close to the 30 park milestone. Many to still go, looking forward to the continuing challenge!