Connecticut State Park Journeys: Lamentation Mountain

My middle daughter fractured her foot in October so our hiking has been minimal. Boo. I’ve been able to go out with my sister a couple of times and we checked Lamentation off our state park list. We paired it with Giuffrida Park because Lamentation isn’t that big of a place.

Here’s the track I followed, it was a 10k, just over six miles total:

I’m getting pretty close to the 30 park milestone. Many to still go, looking forward to the continuing challenge!

Five Autumn Moments

Took a break from blogging because, well, see below. It has been a breathtaking autumn here in Connecticut.

Orchard Hill, Newtown, Connecticut
My backyard!
Wolfe Park Lake trail, Monroe, Connecticut
side of the road in Newtown, Connecticut
Webb Mountain, Monroe, Connecticut

I hold onto the beauty of autumn for as long as possible and mourn the leaves when they go. Hope you are all enjoying the fall!