Visiting Broadway!

Seeing Hamilton on Broadway had been a bucket list item for me for years and I finally got to go! It was everything I wanted it to be and more. There’s nothing like a Broadway show to help you forget about life and jump into an amazing story with all your heart.

Wouldn’t you know my 13 year-old fractured her foot the day before the show. Boo. Sadly we had to change our plans last minute and skip a few things we would have done had she been able to walk normally. Visiting the Times Square area in a cast/boot and crutches is not a good idea, trust me, it was hard for us to get around. We only had to walk two blocks and it felt like ten. We made the most of it though!

Hamilton was well worth all of it 🙂

Having lunch at Carmine’s had been part of our original plan and we’ll have to take a rain check on that. We ended up grabbing a slice of pizza at the restaurant across the street from the Richard Rogers Theatre and it was surprisingly great.

We parked two blocks from the theatre, but on the opposite side of Times Square. I can confirm it’s still nutty there, lol. I saw a person walking around in a bra and underwear like it was just a normal thing to do on a Saturday.

This was my youngest’s first time at a Broadway show, how lucky is she that Hamilton was her first show!?

Have you been to Broadway?

Where To Next? Autumn Adventures

Happy Autumn!!! My next big trip isn’t until after Thanksgiving because I absolutely love this time of year in Connecticut. One year I went to Florida a week in October and came home disappointed I missed a week of fall in New England. I vowed not to do that again.

Wanderings that consist of New England hiking is my goal for the next two months. Get ready to see all the beautiful autumn leaves! I will be checking off more Connecticut state parks and will share those of course.

What is your favorite time of year where you live?