Styles for Winter Into Spring: Wear With Anything T-shirts

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This week’s edition of styles for winter into spring, t-shirts to wear with anything.

Not every year, but most years, I grab a white t-shirt that goes with everything. I buy it yearly because I wear it so much it gets stained, sweat marks won’t go away and it generally looks tired come the end of the autumn season. Sometimes this top is a plain white tank top (see that one) or a t-shirt with a print (like last year’s choice) and this year I went with a white v-neck pocket t-shirt with an all over tiny print. For winter into spring, a wear-with-anything t-shirt (or tank) is a key piece.

I put together a list of wear with anything tops at different price points, see that here.

This year’s t-shirt for me is from Anthropologie, click here for link, and it’s soft, slightly oversized and can be tucked in or not. It washes well and gives off the vibe that you aren’t trying too hard but you want to look cute.

Casual Style for a Cooler Day

I love a jean jacket layer! These furr lined Toms are very comfortable and I’m still loving my pleated trouser pants from autumn.

click here for links

Casual Style for a Rainy Day

Layered this look with a long cardigan and wellie boots.

Casual Work Styles

Some heels and a long blazer for business casual.

Warmer Day

I have flats on here but obviously your shoe choice here is pretty wide open. Anything will work, sandals, mules, low profile sneaker, etc.

Past Styles

Here are some looks from the last two years showing the wear-with-anything tops I’ve bought.

Michael Stars white tank I wore a million times in 2021
Madewell whisper cotton stripe t -shirt (new similar style)

With any of these tops I generally tuck them in or wear a little front tuck. I just grabbed a new Minnie Mouse t-shirt to wear to Disney this spring (linked here) and being it’s cropped I won’t tuck it in. I usually wear this bra tank underneath many of my white tops.

Do you have a wear-with-anything top you love?

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