Styles for Winter Into Spring: Balletcore

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Styles for Winter Into Spring! Let’s talk the balletcore trend. Dressing dainty, light and feminine. Like you are going to dance off into the spring sunset. Like you are headed to a garden party. Like you want to reminisce your childhood days. It sounds blissful to me! You don’t have to look like you are headed to ballet class 🙂 I mean you could if you want to.

If you’ve been around here a bit you’ve heard me write (and talk about on Instagram) my style motto, Be Cute For You. This trend is the epitome of that.

If you are still scratching your head saying What? Let’s dive in:


These pretty flat shoes above in my graphic are Birdies (click here for link). They are so soft and comfortable (see that lining!) but I did ultimately return them because my left heel kept lifting when I walked around my house and that does not work for me. Only the left side, strange. If you have normal feet these shoes are fabulous to sport the balletcore trend. I’ll be on the hunt for others that work for me.

Surprisingly, tied up boots go great with this trend. Sometimes a bit of toughness to round out the softness creates a great look. Doc Martens are perfect for this. My pink Uggs work for me. I have loved my Sorel Joan of Artic black boots for years (see below). The variety of shoe that follow this trend are perfect for winter into spring.


Immediately my head goes to tulle for this trend, as in the picture above. Pleated skirts also work (I love my black one below), as well as loose wide leg pants and even cargo pants in a light color. For cooler days I’m gravitating towards tights and skirts for this trend. My looser pants are more suitable for warmer days, unless you want to wear tights under loose pants, which I have done before, just not exactly the most comfortable.

This outfit was pure tennis core last summer 🙂
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Satin skirts have been popular the last few years and those would work perfectly for this trend. Midi length ones with tights are perfect for cooler days. A warm sweater and bam, cuteness.


Think blouses, wrap tops (like mine above), rosette details and even blazers. Corset tops are popular right now and I won’t be sporting that trend but rock it if you can. A simple white blouse will go a long way or a white top with puff sleeves, like this one.

I wrote a blog post about tie-front blouses (seen above) and will continue to wear mine all late winter into spring.


Selkie and Hill House dresses have been popular the past year and this balletcore trend possibly stems from that. Some time ago I wrote a blog post about my English Factory puff sleeve dress, see that here, a precursor to these styles, inspired by Bridgerton. See, sometimes I do know what I’m talking about! Lol.

I’ll be dancing around the flowers this spring in this outfit.

This dress below I bought for a Charleston trip two years ago. It’s perfect for the balletcore trend. This particular dress is long gone online.

My favorite Hill House dress I wore all last spring:

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I love longer dresses when it’s cooler out because, hint hint, I wear leggings underneath and roll them up to my calves so you can’t see. A cardigan and/or jacket over the top and I’m good to go for colder weather.

Here are a roundup of dresses to fit the balletcore trend from winter into spring.


Balletcore accessories are so fun! Bigger hair bows, floral details, pink nails, leg warmers. LEG WARMERS you guys!

I’ve rounded up an assortment of styles to fit the balletcore trend, see that here. What do you think, you into this?

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