What To Wear On A Grey Day

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If it’s a cool winter’s day, no snow in sight, the sky is grey, you don’t want to get out of bed, never mind get dressed, what should your style recipe be?

Here are my three suggestions:

Lean In and Go With It Style

Just wear grey or black and be one with the crappy weather. Can’t beat them join them. Sometimes the grumpy sadness that comes with gray days has to be thoroughly felt in order to be released out of your body. Lean into it.

This was my birthday week and the weather was so gray and bleh. Click here for links.

One of the reasons I’ve been doing Wednesday Wednesdays (letting Wednesday Addams be my style guru for the day) was for this very reason. Making fun of the dark grey days and looking forward to what blackish outfits I can create weekly.

Go the Opposite Style

Now we are turning the table and going cheerful instead. Put on those happy bright colors and cheerful spring prints, adding layers if need be. Get out those white jeans that haven’t seen the light of day since early autumn.

Wear Your Favorites Style

Put on anything that makes you happy just by how you feel when you put it on. An item that brings you joy. Be cute for you. For me it’s usually a dress and this one below is one of my favorites from this year. Depending on the temperature I’ll add a sweater, tights, knee high boots with fleece lined leggings, anything so its wearable any particular day.

And there are my three style inspirations for what to wear on a grey day. What are your suggestions?

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