Styles for Winter Into Spring: Pencil Skirt

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Styles for Winter Into Spring. Today I’m showing you several outfits to wear with a pencil skirt. My black skirt is from Anthropologie (click here for link) and is very comfortable. I’m in my usual size small. I was looking for a skirt I can wear a belt with, in my opinion, it gives the skirt more versatility. I also chose black for optimum mix and match use.

My second pencil skirt in this blog post, also from Anthropologie (click here for link) is a denim style one. I chose to size down in this one to give a more fitted look at the waist.

I’ve rounded up a few pencil skirts at various price points, see that here. This blog post is sorted into weather categories:

On a Cold Day

Honestly, just don’t. I’ve had my two pencil skirts for a while now and have never once chosen to wear them on a cold day. I think they would look good with fleece lined tights and knee high boots; I never decided to wear that combination and likely won’t be. I’ll update y’all in the fall season, it’ll be more likely an outfit I’ll choose then.

On a Rainy Day

I set out to find a happy outfit for a rainy day, one of my late winter nemesis. Found a cheerful umbrella from Amazon, one that would look cute with my red Hunter boots. My rain jacket is years old from Costco, they have great rain coats!

On a Warmer Day

This outfit above can be for a warm day with bare legs or a cooler day with black tights or nylons. A blazer can be worn instead of the jean jacket in order to make the outfit more business casual.

Below is the same base outfit of a bodysuit and skirt but losing a layer and wearing hightop canvas sneakers instead; as seen in one of my previous posts (click here to read that).

Click here for links

The outfit below I wore on a nice spring day in NYC. I did have on fishnet nylons for an extra layer of warmth (it was about 60 degrees F).

This is the last Winter Into Spring style post! I’ll be writing up a follow up next week, but I hope you have found them helpful/inspirational.

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