Daffodils, A Poem

Happy first day of spring! We made it 🙂 I visited NYC and Philadelphia this past weekend and saw many early spring blooms. Please enjoy this poem to welcome spring.

Lower Manhattan, NYC

Daffodils sing delight,

The very first of spring.

Admirer waits patient,

Last brush of winter sting.

Sweet triumph the flower grants,

Upon the tired eyes.

Pining minds awaited,

The vision blossoms bring.

Unfolding revived souls,

Match earliest glories seen.

Oh daffodil unknowing,

The joy my eyes inspect.

Leaving the latency,

Ready to reflect.

Moving into suns of color,

Soft petals project.

Daffodils sing delight,

Welcoming you to spring.

By Janice Persico

Old City area of Philadelphia, PA
Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, PA

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