Styles for Winter Into Spring: Hightop Canvas Sneakers

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I’m starting what I hope will be a weekly series, Styles for Winter Into Spring. This week I have five outfits to wear with hightop canvas sneakers, i.e. Converse. I have a knock off Amazon pair that I love and want to share with you all.

I was on the fence about buying this sneaker in the Converse brand. I know from experience that Converse aren’t exactly the most comfortable. I couldn’t spend that kind of money on a not comfortable shoe. Then I found these Amazon ones with good reviews and gave them a try. They feel the same as Converse! I do put arch supports in many of my shoes and did with these. Perfect. I’m saving a little bit here!

With Jeans

I think this is the simplest style to wear with hightop sneakers. I’m wearing straight legged jeans here but would also wear this bodysuit and shoe combo with my bootcut jeans. With skinny jeans and these sneakers I’d more likely wear a sweater for colder days or a blouse for warmer days, like the blouse next here.

Removable Layers

This was my outfit from yesterday, my favorite loose white blouse, fleece lined leggings with a cardigan over it. When the weather is warmer I would switch it out for regular leggings and not wear the cardigan. Easy. I like easy outfits.

Another removable layer outfit with a jean jacket. I’m really loving cargo pants for spring. There will be a future post on those.

I have this Madewell bodysuit in both long sleeve and short sleeve, I love it that much. For spring I’d wear the short sleeve version and drop the jean jacket if needed.

Warmer Days for Bare Legs

This outfit above would work with black tights or nylons for cooler days. I can toss on my jean jacket too. There will also be a future blog post on pencil skirts, another item I’m loving for spring.

This dress doesn’t have great reviews but I love it. The v-neck comes down too low for everyday wear so you can see here I secured it above my bra line. I used an earring lol. These sneakers will likely work with many of my dresses, even fancier ones, and I’ll be showing a lot of those styles when the warmer spring air comes in.

I’m writing this series because the late winter into spring is my least favorite time of year, I need inspiration! Hope you like it 🙂

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