Connecticut State Park Journeys: Kettletown

Hit my 30th Connecticut State Park! Only 77 more. I have a feeling I’ll be all over my state by the end of this summer 🙂

Like Indian Wells, Kettletown was one of the state parks closest to my home that I avoided since childhood. Old wives tales…lol

My sister, my three kids and two of our dogs did an almost three mile hike around the park. We hiked counter clockwise on the Miller Trail. There were some deeper inclines towards the beginning. Nothing difficult and I always prefer to get my heart rate up at the start of a hike, this way it stays up and I get a better workout. The kids were huffing and puffing even though they are experienced hikers. This was our first major hike in a couple of months, they are out of shape!

A dinosaur with a tiny arm, hehe. The green pin drop circle is where we parked.

The small arm on the right there are the overlooks:

With leaves on the trees it’s a bit harder to see the river, but still a nice view. After the Miller loop we walked down to another entrance to the park and walked along the river to the waterfall. Surpassed my expectations! The bridge is just before the waterfall.

A great place to sit and be and listen to the water

A small waterfall but still pretty. The walk to the waterfall is certainly little kid friendly. Have you been to Kettletown? Do you have a favorite hike there? Curious about the other side of the park I didn’t get to see!

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