A Day in Lower Manhattan in Early Spring

I drove into New York City from Connecticut! All by myself! I’m officially an adult.

A daunting task to say the least, but it was easier than expected driving into lower Manhattan on a Saturday morning. Our Icon parking garage reservation had already been made and following the highway all the way into the tip of NYC allowed me to avoid any city congestion. If you take the train, like I normally would do, the Metro North from Connecticut takes you to Grand Central and you’d have to transfer to the subway. Not something I wanted to do with an out of town guest and four children.

After parking we walked to the Battery, tickets in hand for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. It was a chilly 45 F and I was cozy in my puffer coat but wished I had a warm hat.

After going through security, much like airport security, with a long line and all, we boarded the ferry and set sail. Liberty Island is a quick and enjoyable ride. I love seeing any city from the water; the different perspective is a valuable adventure.

Ellis Island (we didn’t tour the buildings, just viewed from the water)

In total I was on Liberty Island for an hour. We did not go inside the statue or pedestal, only inside the visitor center area and gift shop. I’ve climbed the Statue of Liberty and although I’m glad I did it once I remember thinking I wouldn’t do it again. My kids had no desire.

After setting foot back in the city we walked north on West St, a very quiet street I have to say! Compared to mid town and Central Park, the Battery is quiet. We walked to Hudson Eats, a lovely indoor mall with amazing food at the food court. It was ideal for four kids, three of them being teens.

Palm trees! In NYC!

After lunch we walked literally across the street to the 9/11 Memorial and took in the somber beauty for about 30 minutes.

We headed back to the car and I was home by 6:30 p.m. Not bad at all! FYI, near Icon parking on Carlisle St is a Starbucks attached to a Marriott; the restrooms (accessible through Starbucks only) are super clean. We were happy to have discovered that 🙂

It was an amazing spring day in lower Manhattan!

Outfit details can be found on my Like To Know It Page

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