Handmade Christmas

I did a lot of crafty things during the pandemic, like macrame and making blankets. Last holiday season I made a few homemade Christmas decorations and have already done some for this year too. Here they are!

Cards and Gift Tags:

A few blank pieces of paper, thin markers and some doodling are all you need. I looked up holiday doodles on Pinterest for ideas. The gift receivers all loved them.

Fruit Garland:

I sliced up two large oranges, baked them at 300 for a couple of hours, checking on them after each hour. I believe I ended up cooking them for 2.5 hours. This was two years ago now and I still use this same oranges garland! I carefully store it in a covered small box and the orange smell is still amazing.

Small Wreaths:

For these I bought at the craft store wired twine, small holiday wreath accents and then used some dried eucalyptus I had. After making a double circled wreath with the twine I hot glued the accent pieces and leaves how I wanted them arranged. Add a small thread loop at the top and done!

I have several hanging from windows in my house and have given some away as part of a gift or hanging on a box. The wreaths can be made any size you want 🙂

Have you or your children made anything homemade for the holidays?

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