Three Ways to Style a Cropped Puffer Vest

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Happy new year! I mentioned at the end of my recap 2022 style post (see that here) how I was feeling a Wednesday Addams goth style for the new year. On my Instagram I’m doing Wednesday Wednesdays, where I dress with inspiration from Wednesday Addams. A part of that includes this black cropped puffer vest from Amazon (linked here). Here are three ways to style a cropped puffer vest.

Mixing It Up ~ Fancy with Casual

My first style is a mix of fancy and casual. I paired the vest with a simple black mock neck top, a tulle skirt and sneakers. It was a warmer winter day and surprisingly I was very comfortable.

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Casual with Jeans

A cooler winter day called for a turtleneck and mom jeans.

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Over a Dress

I’m always cold and the reason I purchased this puffer is to add a layer of warmth to my winter outfits. This outfit below is what I pictured in my head when I debated the purchase. Any time I am contemplating buying a new style item I have to have several ways of styling it in my head before I take it home.

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Are you into puffer vests?

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