Where to Next? Vermont and NYC

Happy New Year!

As I write this I am sitting in Vermont, looking out a large slider door with a view of snow capped mountains. My dog is on a blanket on the floor by my feet and I’m in leggings and a sweatshirt. Living the dream!

Waitsfield Vermont is a small town south of Stowe, not too far from Sugarbush, where several family members are currently skiing, and the town is quiet. And I mean quiet. A great escape. I am recovering from Covid and wasn’t up for skiing today, but I’m feeling a lot better since out of the quarantine period. Anyhoo, this weekend was in my first Where to Next of 2023.

I have plans to see a Broadway show in January and one in February. Those will be highlights of the beginning of the year. We are taking the kids to see The Cursed Child and then my husband and I will be seeing Sweeney Todd when it opens the end of February.

Another weekend in Vermont is on the agenda in February too. We try to get in as much skiing as we can during winter. I can attest to the fact that winter sports help with seasonal depression! Follow along on my Instagram to see the sights.

Any good plans for the begging of your year?

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