How To Spend a Weekend in Boston in March, Part Two

Continuing on from my last blog post, here.

Day 3: a day to spend in the rain in Boston! We lucked out in the fact that it never down poured on us, but I was ready just in case. I packed ponchos for everyone and a few umbrellas and made sure everyone had a hood to pop up.

We began our day having a nice breakfast at Parker’s Restaurant inside the Omni Parker House Hotel. The kids had a giggle when I told them they had to eat and drink with their pinkies up. It was a very nice restaurant!

From there we retrieved our car from the valet and drove out to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I bought tickets ahead of time, which I highly recommend, and we arrived there just before they opened at 10 a.m. We had no problem finding metered parking on the street just outside the museum.

I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am; these pictures are all from my iPhone because the ones I took on my Nikon I accidentally erased! A tragedy because this place was unique and stunning and I could have sat in there all day.

The museum courtyard puts you in a dreamlike state. No one is allowed into it but it can be viewed from all sides and all the floors of the museum. Imagine living in such a heaven!

From the museum we drove over to Newbury St and parked in a garage there. We grabbed a little snack and coffee at the cafe on the lower level on Suit Supply and then walked around to window shop. I had made us lunch reservations at Joe’s on Newbury. A family friendly place!

After lunch we walked to the Boston Public Library to explore while it rained a bit. It was an easy walk to the Copley Square area from Newbury St. The library is stunning!

Bates Hall

We drove back to the hotel for an afternoon break for an hour or so. In the early evening we drove up to Somerville to meet old friends at Lucky Strike. The kids had a blast! Warning though, it was a bit loud and too much for my autism kiddos after a while. Still fun.

On our last morning we got breakfast from the grab-and-go Starbucks at the Omni Parker and hit the road to drive home. I was fulfilled by the family fun and Boston wanderings!

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