How I Gave a Kid’s Bathroom a Facelift

The process of changing one of our upstairs bathrooms began years ago, way before I had a blog! Back then I painted the cabinets, painted the countertops and painted the walls. This year I gave it a bit of a fresh up with a new shower curtain, rug, artwork etc.

The Before

I don’t have many before pictures unfortunately, but these pictures are from the day I started. The walls were bright green, mauve colored countertops and wood cabinet.

The In-between

I prepped by sanding and cleaning the walls, taping off the trim. I did not remove the cabinets, I knew they would be fine, I wasn’t painting the inside at all. I did sand them down and removed the handles because I was replacing them. I then add a layer of primer paint to the cabinets and the countertops.

The pink paint is Behr Marquee Noble Blush. I cannot for the life of me find what paint I used on the walls but I know it was also a Behr Marquee paint. It’s a very light gray/blue.

One of the reasons I love Behr Marquee is because I only ever have to do one coat of paint and I’m good to go. That’s for the walls anyway, I did do two coats of pink on the cabinets because I had a lot of paint and it wasn’t a lot of surface area to cover, making the work easy.

The countertops was the fun part! I grabbed some random acrylic paint I had on hand, a black, a gray, a white, even a little brown, took a small paint brush and started making a completely imperfect pattern. I wanted a natural stone spotted look and just had fun with it. No need to be perfect!

New hardware from Home Depot

I finished up by putting a layer of polyurethane on both the cabinets and countertops. I did two coats on the countertops to make sure they were protected from water. This was years ago now and they still look awesome!

Now fast forward to this year, 2022, and look at this messy tween bathroom. We all constantly remind her of how lucky she is that this is her bathroom, it’s huge! To the left side of the bath/shower is a big linen closet and to the right of it is the toilet.

I gave it a big girl refresh by changing out the shower curtain, removing the old window curtain, new artwork and rugs. My daughter is completely responsible for her own organization and I’m not messing with it, especially on the countertops. That’s all her!

The After!

We have been going back and forth about adding some wallpaper to the window wall, as an accent. She was against it but now that I’m wallpapering a wall off the kitchen she is all for the idea. I’ll post an update once that happens; Urban Outfitters just so happens to have a wallpaper in this same peach print.

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Overall I would say this was a very easy refresh! I’m not shy from doing something dramatic, like painting a countertop. Would you ever do that? For a bathroom it was perfect 🙂

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