Five Self Care Ideas For Late Winter

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When spring fever hits you but there are weeks left of cold weather and days feel as though they will never end, call in the self care fairy. I focus on feeling well and infusing joy in each day. Last year about this time I wrote an article about reducing stress and I feel as though that goes hand and hand with this article on self care. My guess is I’ll likely write articles along this line this time of year for some years!

Here are some ways to help with late winter self care:

Use a salt scrub – I started this last winter and never stopped. The smooth skin, the salt cleansing, the scrubbing off of old to let the new grow, just what we need for spring. Here are some options- from Walmart, from Amazon (the one I use and loooove).

Read self-help books – I recently read Wintering and next I’m going to read A Year of Self Care. Books help me; if you aren’t a reader, do a search for hugge living on Pinterest and check out the graphics! I keep some on my Mental Health Pinterest board.

Exercise – the days when I especially don’t want to move my body are the days I know I need to. It always helps. Always. Finding an exercise you enjoy is key in my opinion. I strive for every other day and it works for me. Anything from an outdoor hike, hopping on my spin bike or treadmill, lifting light weights, yoga and Pilates or even just a stretch routine. When the kids were younger and I didn’t get any alone time to exercise I would put music on in the kitchen and we’d have a dance party. There are always ways to get it in!

Music – pump it up and sing loud! If there is any time I feel extra anxious all I have to do is put music on, in the kitchen, car, wherever, and start singing. It works every single time. Current favs are Encanto soundtrack and Taylor Swift.

Time – ah, the hard to find gift of time. This could look different for each of us, whether it’s alone time, time away, girl’s night time, date night time, any of these or all of these, time for yourself is necessary. Some of my favorites right now, a 20 minute hot bath alone with a candle and meditation music. I tell everyone in my house to please leave me alone for 20 minutes. Luckily my kids are a bit older and don’t need constant attention. I usually do this when my husband is home so I have a back-up person.

I’m going to add again, like in my article last year, flowers! Buy yourself some flowers; even those $2 Trader Joe’s daffodil bundles. Have spring beauties in your eye sight each day.

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