Valentine Fun at Home

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Last year I wrote a bit about Valentine’s Day at home, see here, and I’m adding onto that for y’all for this year.

This year I added a wall of heart balloons to my dining room. I love it! I’ve had to replace a few of them over the last couple of weeks, they pop (and thus scare the crap out of me). At first I hung them with regular tape; when they kept falling I used double sided tape. Nope, didn’t stay up with that either! I found my glue dots, those did the trick.

These are the balloons from Amazon, but they keep going out of stock. I’ll keep the list on my Like To Know It page as well stocked as I can.

Being Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, we’ll likely keep it even simpler this year. I’ll make a special breakfast for my crew. This was last years ~

I made a video last year on how to make the heart deviled eggs; you can see it on Pinterest. I haven’t been able to find heart shaped Cheerios this year, boo.

I love having little tea parties with my kids after school so we’ll do something like that with a special snack platter. I did this on a recent snow day and it was nice to see everyone come out of their bedrooms for a little bit!

We’ll also make cookies! I bought the Pilsbury already shaped frozen heart sugar cookie ones. Keep it simple. I have some cookie decor and valentine sprinkles from the grocery store. We did this last year too ~

I’m a bit corny, but likely for dinner we’ll make homemade heart shaped pizzas.

How are you celebrating?

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