How to Get Out of a Seasonal Funk

For the last three years I’ve written a blog post similar to this one, but this year is different because it’s a lot earlier in the season for this funky feeling. Each winter has brought new challenges for me and my family and no surprise, 2023 hasn’t been any different.

Our weather has been cool and rainy. I want snow and winter fun right about now! Our household, like most I know, have been dealing with illnesses. I’ve been in a bad mood to say the least. I’ve looked back on my two blog posts regarding this, see here and here, and made a new list for myself today.

Here is how I’m getting myself out of a seasonal funk:

For today I took a bath, but not a regular bath, a balloon bath! Not exactly the same but it brought me a lot of giggles and joy. My birthday is the end of this week and I’m making it a point to remove the k from funk and just have FUN.

How do you get out of a funk?

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