Connecticut State Park Journeys: Black Rock State Park

I’m documenting my adventures to all the Connecticut State Parks. Our goal is to hit all 107 of them! The latest was Black Rock State Park in Watertown.

View at the peak

Didn’t know this, but the park is named Black Rock after the very large rock at the peak (the one at the bottom of the picture above). As you peak over the rock it literally drops right down! I laid down on the rock to get a good look but wouldn’t let my children copy me. Someone painted Stitch on the rock and since we are huge Stitch fans it was the highlight for my girls. For me, highlights of any hike are the amazing views. This one didn’t disappoint!

My new watch is good at accurately tracking my route and I’m going to start including it on my state park blog posts. This was certainly a moderate hike, rocky, uphill sections where my kids complained a bit but nothing they couldn’t handle.

We did 1.69 miles; followed the red trail to the blue

We didn’t explore the lake side of the park, the place is huge. You can camp on site too, very cool. Lots of picnic areas as well, and bathrooms! Not all state parks have facilities. We didn’t use them, not even sure they are open this time of year, but good to know. Plenty of parking, I’m sure it’s packed when there is nicer weather.

This is a good hike if you are interested in getting your kids (or you) past the beginner/easy hikes since it wasn’t extremely strenuous at any time and the hike in total wasn’t even two miles. I love any good park with a photogenic bridge!

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