Connecticut State Parks

Connecticut State Parks Journeys: Talcott Mountain and Heublein Tower

My kid gang and I tackled Talcott Mountain State Park this week and I loved this hike. It was a bit of an effort to get to the top but well worth the exertion. Rightfully labeled a moderate hike because of the consistent upward hill the first 15-20 minutes. The kids and I haven’t hiked in Connecticut since I injured my knee back in January so this was a good hike to ease us back in for the summer.

The journey was about 30 minutes to the top (on the wide main trail), we stayed up there about 20 minutes, walking around the tower, and then took about 40 to go back down, admiring the view along the way on the blue trail. You can only get to the tower by hiking there, you have to put in the workout!

Heublein Tower is a gorgeous piece of architecture!
Along the main patch this stretch of rock formations catches your eye!

The views!

The feeling of freedom over a vast land

Happy summer hiking!

Connecticut State Parks

Connecticut State Park Journeys: Sleeping Giant State Park

It’s possible Sleeping Giant is the Connecticut State Park I’ve been to the most! Autumn is my favorite time to go, as you can see from these pictures from fall 2020. The park is huge and I haven’t done nearly close to all the trails. I prefer to go here without the kids so I can do some serious hiking.

My sister and I did over seven miles one day this past fall. We like to skip the main parking lot and park at the Chestnut Lane entrance. Not much parking at that trail head but we are usually the only ones. Maybe I should keep that a secret 🙂

If you are wondering about the name, it is because the entire park, from afar, looks like a sleeping giant on the sky line. I have a picture of it as seen from Castle Craig:

Not the best picture but I hope you can get the idea
Quarry ruins
The autumn trees get me every year

I love when a state park as their own association and website. Check out for all you need to know about Sleeping Giant!