Connecticut State Parks Journeys: Mohawk Mountain

I’m writing this as I sit on my couch with a brace on my right knee from a third degree tear in my MCL; an injury I endured while skiing at Mohawk! Regardless of that, I always enjoy skiing at Mohawk with my family. And good to know, the First Aid/Medical Response team there were all amazing 🙂

I have yet to visit the hiking/rest of the state park outside the ski resort. I’ll write an updated post once I hike that park and see the towers. Looking forward to it!

Here are my pictures from before the fall; I was having a fabulous time I swear:

Mohawk is a great mountain for learning to ski and one of my favorite in Connecticut. We did buy our tickets a few weeks in advance because we were finding it hard to get tickets when we didn’t plan ahead. My ski season is likely over for this winter sadly, but I will look forward to 2022 and hopefully a more normal ski season here in CT.

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