Connecticut State Park Journeys: Collis P. Huntington

Not traveling too much these days so might as well put my heart into my home state. My sister bought me a small poster of all the Connecticut State Parks and there are 107 and I’ve only been to just over 20. I’m going to document my journeys to all the parks!

I took two of my kids to Collis P. Huntington State Park on a Sunday afternoon and couldn’t find a parking spot right away, it was packed! I usually go early in the day for hikes but we waited until it was a little warmer out in the afternoon. Everyone else had the same idea. I love seeing parks packed, especially in January; lots of people getting out there and moving their bodies, it’s excellent. The parking area wasn’t anything smaller than other places, just a popular park.

Nice wide and mostly flat paths in parts of the park, definitely a good one for any folks who want easy hikes. Dog friendly

Because it was chilly out we stuck to the blue trail to white back to blue. I wanted to see the lake and swing back. We did just over two miles. I usually use the All Trails app but it was so cold I didn’t want to keep my phone out. Good hike to wing it and just follow the large path 🙂

Since it was fairly crowded we kept our masks on most of the time and didn’t mind because it helped keep ya face warm! There was a small stream we had to cross over, fyi.

Overall I thought this was a great state park, for all hiking levels. There were some paths surrounded by mountain laurels and I will certainly be back to see them in bloom in late spring and I must explore more of the park!

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