Autumn Time in Western Massachusetts

All of New England is stunning in autumn! I love how you can drive north easily and catch autumn leaves at their peak and then head south and catch those leaves peaking at a different time. Makes for a gorgeous October 🙂

The Berkshires

My husband and I spent a few hours in the Berkshires towards the beginning of October. We drove around and had lunch, a nice little adventure. We drove up to Sheffield and Great Barrington.

I saw a sign for an old covered bridge and had to check it out. It is on Covered Bridge Lane in Sheffield.

I had no idea about this alien sighting before this trip. I have since watched Unsolved Mysteries on the incidents (on Netflix) and wow.

We stopped at Mansfield Pond, I love seeing autumn trees reflected in the water. It is in Great Barrington. Also another sighting of the aliens on that night in 1969.

Then had lunch at The Bistro Box and it was great! This picture below is in their backyard. Seems like a fun place to hang out. They had music playing outside and lots of different games to play, places to sit and chill. Definitely recommend it.

We had to get home for the kids so that was it for that wandering.

Mount Tom

A bit further east than the Berkshires sits Mount Tom. The legendary mountain that influenced Dr. Seuss and the basis for the Grinch’s mountain. My sister and I set out on a Sunday to hike it.

Even though it is cold out I always suggest hiking as early in the day as you can. It gets crowded later on. We arrived at Mount Tom around 8:30 am and set out.

the views were amazing

This was the middle of October, to give you an idea of the foliage stage.

The hike took us about a total of three hours. We parked on Christopher Clark Rd and hiked up along the ridge and then back down. Here is the map:

We had lunch at Easthampton Diner Restaurant and I love breakfast any time of day so it was perfect for me. Good coffee!

My sister and I spent the rest of that day in northern Connecticut; look for that blog post coming up.

Have you had any fun autumn adventures?

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