Five Mini-Corduroy Skirt Styles

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I’ve tried several mini-corduroy skirts over the years and never really found the perfect one. Found it! The Wit and Wisdom ‘Ab’Solution Patch Pocket Corduroy skirt from Nordstrom (click here for direct link).

Here are five ways I’m styling this skirt this autumn:

For a warmer autumn day:

Click here for links

Any day above 60 works with bare legs for me. These short booties work perfect and a jean jacket layer for any morning or afternoon chill.

For a cooler autumn day:

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Layered this look above with a light turtleneck and bike shorts under the skirt; tall socks help keep the legs warm under the boots. I would say this is a good outfit for a day between 50-60 degrees (F). Below is the same outfit but with a shoe switch, a loafer instead.

Click here for loafer link

For a sporty look:

Click here for links

Let’s go Yankees! Been staying up too late to catch the games 🙂 I shopped my husband’s closet here; this is his sweatshirt and hat. This outfit is super comfortable. This outfit is better for a day above 60 degrees.

For a nicer/work look:

Click here for links

One of the reasons I was looking for a skirt like this one is to wear it with my favorite over the knee boots. I went with a bit of a monochrome look, the green light blazer is not the exact same color of the skirt but still works.

I love the deep pockets of this skirt too!

Happy autumn!

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