Five Ways to Style A Shacket

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Shackets (shirt-jackets) are the perfect piece for autumn. I own a few, this one in this blog post is from Nordstrom Rack (click here for link), under $40, and mixes and matches well with my wardrobe.

I like this shacket because it only has two colors, is weighty and warm without being too heavy and has a black base, which is easy to match with. Here are five ways I’m styling it this autumn:

For Warmer Autumn Days ~

I had some fun on a warmer (60ish degrees) afternoon, having a little tea party with my skeleton. This time of year is when the seasonal craziness starts for me, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, which I love it all, but it does increase my anxiety. Hence the strange tea party 🙂 tossing in ways to make myself laugh.

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This white dress matches with a lot in my wardrobe but I don’t wear it often because I tend to stain white things lol, but layers over it make it more wearable for me. I love the added edge the boots give this outfit.

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I’ve had this faux leather dress for a couple of years now and haven’t worn it often. I’m inspired by the many faux leather pieces out there this season and dragged the dress out of my closet. The shacket gives it a cozier vibe and the sneakers make the look unexpected but casual and more comfortable.

For Cooler Autumn Days ~

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Can’t go wrong with a shacket and any jeans you have. I’m wearing a simple long sleeve t-shirt underneath. I love a shacket and tall boots look too, like here…

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Forgot about this outfit too! A bonus style for you.

If You Are Feeling Fancy ~

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An unexpected combination here! I would totally wear this for Thanksgiving.

How do you style your shacket?

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