Connecticut State Park Journeys: Squantz Pond

My kids and I are chugging along on our Connecticut State Park visits! I wasn’t fully prepared for Squantz Pond unfortunately. I would have packed swim suits, towels and flip flops if I had been ready. The water was clear and beautiful and I would love to have taken a dip in it. Next time.

I also wasn’t prepared for the mud along the side of the pond, therefore we didn’t do a long hike, only ten minutes out and ten back in. Enough to see the beauty of the park.

Look at that water!

There are lots of quiet fishing spots along the pond. Great place to kayak, canoe, etc. A vast amount of picnic tables all around. We visited on a Tuesday morning and the peace was palpable. I will be hard pressed to decide what is my favorite Connecticut State Park!

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