Back to School With Style and Organization

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A bit overexcited here for the kids to start school in a couple of weeks. I take this time of year seriously, have to get everyone off on the right foot and start strong with excitement. A happy blouse helps!

Wearing this Brighter Days Puff Sleeve Blouse from ModCloth. It has cute cats all over. How adorable is this yellow bag? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, damn the price. It is the Seeing Summer In Shapes bag. The skirt is thrifted Ann Taylor, the loafers are Dr. Scholls from Nordstrom (no longer available but I love these Dr. Scholls Generation Loafer icon) and the sunglasses are from Target years ago.

To help with back to school organization I ordered all three kids new bento boxes for their lunches. Our boxes are quite old and didn’t really fit in our newer lunch bags. We needed an upgrade to enhance the joy in making lunch every day. Hey, whatever works right?

These are the ones we got: Bentgo Classic

One new thing I’m doing for organizing in the kitchen to help with those lunches, a bin for each kid in the pantry. I bought a set of three from T.J.Maxx a few months ago to use as “crap boxes” to put on the stairs heading to the bedrooms, one for each kid’s crap to bring up. I haven’t really needed to use them! We are moving them to the pantry so each kid can meal prep their lunches for the week, putting nonperishables in the bin for easy grabbing. I’ll share more of that on Instagram, be sure to follow me!

Instead of buying millions of folders for each class I was given the inside scoop from other moms that accordion folders to keep organized were cool. Hopped on that train!

Also from Amazon: Amazon Basics Organizing File Folder

We always do a least a couple of practice back to school mornings before the actual day. Getting use to getting up early again is always helpful. I don’t do this on the very last day of summer vacation. Have to let them have one last day of no alarms to enjoy 🙂 Our vacation to California ends only a few days before school starts and now I’m thinking that wasn’t good planning. Three hour time change is no joke, never mind also waking up early for school. The high school bus comes at about 6:35 a.m. Yikes! My high schooler will not be happy with me when I say we are doing a practice early wake up. Rolling with it is always key.

Any great back to school tips from your household? Best of luck to all of you with kids heading back to school!

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