Three Places to Visit in Spring in Connecticut

Yes, there are many more than three amazing spring locations in Connecticut but I have three of my favorite to share with you this year. They are Laurel Ridge Daffodils, Greenfield Hill area of Fairfield and Fairfield Town Hall Green.

Laurel Ridge Farm

Laurel Ridge Daffodil hill is at Laurel Ridge Farm in Litchfield Connecticut (I put 161 Wigwam Rd Litchfield into my GPS). I visited twice, the first time I was too early and zero daffodils were in bloom. Oops! I always seem to forget flowers bloom a bit later in the northern parts of Connecticut. Visiting late April and early May is the best time to visit.

Greenfield Hill Fairfield

Greenfield Hill Congregational Church hosts a dogwood festival every spring and while I have yet to go to the festival I did visit the area right before the event and enjoyed the dogwoods in peace. I couldn’t make it the weekend the actual festival was happening but would love to one of these years.

Fairfield Town Hall Green

This is the second year I’ve visited the town hall green in Fairfield, the cherry blossoms there are gorgeous!

All of my spring styles can be found on my Like To Know It style page- MommaWanderer

What are your favorite Connecticut spring time destinations?

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