Connecticut State Parks Journeys: Devil’s Hopyard

Devil’s Hopyard State Park had been towards the top of my Connecticut State Parks to Still Visit list. I knew there was a bigger waterfall and it did not disappoint. There is parking near the top of the waterfall so you do not have to hike a lot to see it; I chose to park at a different trail head because I wanted to hike a bit first. I was there a total of 40 minutes but stopped a lot along the way to take pictures and admire the rushing waters.

You can park up on Foxtown Rd to get to the falls quick; not handicapped assessable but a short walk down the hill to the bottom of the falls. There are “steps” down.

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We had a busy day planned and didn’t hike more. It is a park to hike a little or hike a lot, you choose your adventure 🙂

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