Where To Next? Why You Should Visit U.S. National Parks This Year

Travel experts agree for 2021 we should concentrate our travels within the U.S. Vaccine rollout for other countries may not be where we are here, sadly, and therefore for extra caution, stay here. I do have one trip planned for the Caribbean this year, we shall see. For now, where to next? For me and my family, a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina and visiting the Congaree National Park this spring.

Congaree National Park, photo via National Geographic

If you are a regular reader you know I have a goal to visit all the Connecticut State Parks, and I decided expanding that goal to include as many national parks as I can was a fabulous idea. What better time than 2021! I looked at what we could realistically visit while not flying for the time being. I think there are enough national parks in the country where hopefully many families can realistically road trip to. We visited Acadia National Park in August 2019, I’ll write about that in the future; great place for a summer trip. The new park in West Virginia was an option too but ultimately I decided on South Carolina because Charlestown and Kiawah Island have been on my U.S. bucket list.

When traveling with the kids I always prefer staying at a resort or renting a house where we can have our own kitchen and not have to eat out every meal. Luckily there are many options in Charlestown. I’ll share the specifics on where we are staying after the trip.

I’ve only known people who have visited Charleston for a few days; we are going for an entire week and I have lots of plans. Some items include visiting the Angel Oak Tree, Magnolia Plantation, Fort Sumpter, downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island, Morris Island Lighthouse and of course a day trip to the national park.

Doesn’t this look amazing! Image from Hand Luggage Only

This will be the longest road trip I’ve done with the three kids so wish us luck! Do you plan on visiting any national parks this year?

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