Connecticut State Park Journeys: Snowshoeing at Southford Falls

Instead of wallowing in my injured-knee-can’t-go-to-parks misery I’m going to continue sharing my Connecticut State Park journeys from 2020 until I’m back out there.

Southford Falls became a state park in 1932 and has 169 acres, wow. It was the site of the Diamond Match Company. Near the covered bridge there seemed to be remnants of foundation, possibly from the old company there. I always love the history of state parks. Learning about Connecticut history and the beauty of it’s nature has become a pandemic mental health boost for me.

In December 2020 my sister and I went snowshoeing at Southford Falls and it was breathtaking! I loved it because we went at sunrise and saw the sun come up there, the snow covered everything, there were very little people and it was a great workout. As with hiking my motto is usually the early bird gets the worm; definitely applied to this snowshoeing morning.

The entire hike took probably two to three hours if I can remember correctly; we did take a coffee break at the top of the tower, adding a little time. The break was well needed!

Have you been snowshoeing in Connecticut yet?

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