How to Give a Room a Spring Refresh

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My family pretty much ignores my “front room,” i.e. the formal living room. I’ll sit in there to read but honestly reading hasn’t been a priority lately, so the room gets completely neglected. It is mid-March and the room still had lingering Christmas decor. Yikes. It needed a spring refresh.

A smaller rug was the first thing I knew the room needed. Without painting or other major changes, the rug gives the room a completely different feel.

The room is a walkthrough to the family room so the furniture is pushed off to the side but the rug covered a large portion of the space. It’s been bothering me. Totally type A personality here.

Here’s a before picture, from early March:

The French doors on the right lead to the family room.

I found an inspiration photo on Pinterest, here, and went to work looking for a 5 X 7 rug that gave a similar vibe. I saw this one at Target and knew it was the one to stand as the basis for the rest of the spring refresh.

You can find links on my Like To Know It page here

I love the furniture in the room and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on any larger pieces. Couches and coffee table are from Raymour & Flanigan.

Pillows are always the easiest way to refresh a space.

I love daisies and rainbows and found a couple on Zulily that fit the bill and weren’t ridiculously expensive. Why are pillows and/or cases so expensive sometimes? Zulily also happened to have some bright colored vases I loved and grabbed for the coffee table. I found on Amazon a couple of simple side tables for each side of the couch. I want more plants in all the rooms and the two tables make it easy to add plant life to the space.

The artwork is my own and inspired me to do some painting lately, a hobby I always loved and have pushed to the side.

Adding different artwork and plants brings new life to a room.

As someone who has struggled to keep plants alive, I completely use fake plants too 🙂

What do you do to give a room a spring refresh?

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