How to Drag Your Teens Out of Their Bedrooms

I was a teen that lived 99% of my home life in my bedroom. I loved that space. I loved alone time. Still do. My two oldest, 16 and 14, are now me, especially the 14-year-old, she is me to a T.

Of course I’m completely understanding of this normal teen behavior, but sometimes I want to see their faces more than only when they are hungry.

I came up with some options and wanted to share my genius. OK, I’m not genius but talking from personal experience and what has been currently working for us in our home must surely be helpful for other parents out there.

Puzzles – the last few months I’ve randomly dumped a box of puzzle pieces on the kitchen table and got to work. Everyone takes turns jumping in, great bonding time without making eye contact. Always key, those teens want to avoid eye contact!

Movies and include special movie snacks to go along with that.

Hiking and this works year round! Layer up for cold days, it’s good for everyone. They will moan and groan when you push them out the door but for one, they know it’s good for them, and two, they will thank you later. They do! I swear.

Play Along – as in, find out what they are doing in their bedrooms and you do that too. An online game? Learn it. Listening to favorite music on repeat? Play it in the kitchen. It shows them you are willing to take an interest in what they are interested in. Or at least you can sing along to their favorite songs and have a way to completely embarrass them. I keep those gems tucked into my back pocket. 🙂

Special after school treats – a couple of my kids like tea and I’ve made an afternoon tea and snacks tray for the kitchen table. Actually keeps them sitting there with me.

Recent snow day snacks and tea

Let It Go- sing along with me! Just let them be. If you don’t draw attention to it they won’t think it’s weird and they will be more likely to come out.

How do you get your teens out of their bedrooms?

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