Luck of The Irish

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I did my genealogy in 2020 and found out I’m part Irish. I had no idea! St. Patrick’s Day has taken on a bit more meaning for me. I like honoring my ancestors in different ways and I see this as a way to do that. Last year was the first one I knew my heritage and went all out with foods. It’s always the food, huh? 🙂

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Trader Joe’s always has small shamrock plants in March and it made a cute addition to my table. One of my local markets had slices of rainbow cake and I continued that rainbow with fruits and veggies to keep balance. Mint Oreos, green guacamole and anything else you can find that goes with the theme here. Kids always love it!

I have a bunch of leftover heart balloons from Valentine’s Day, especially the rainbow colors I didn’t use yet. Going to make a rainbow heart balloon wall! I also grabbed shamrock balloons from Amazon, here. I put some of those up for now and will add the rainbow hearts once the holiday gets closer.

One year I made corn-beef and cabbage in the InstaPot and it was delicious. Not my favorite meal so I won’t be doing that this year but if it’s your thing definitely give it a try.

Do you do anything fun on St. Patrick’s Day with your kids?

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