Mom Musings: A Poem

I had a dream I sung this! Woke up and wrote it down (and did some slight editing lol). Enjoy this tidbit of a writing about mom musings.

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Hi baby girl, Momma’s here and loves you. 

OK to cry baby girl, I will always adore you.

We play and we laugh, We cuddle and soothe.

Hold on baby girl, Momma will come get you.

I know you will change, Grow up and won’t need me.

It’s OK baby girl, We will thrive and have each other.

Times goes by, We grow apart.

Try not to worry baby girl, Momma’s always by your side.

We cry alone with doors closed, Miles apart, even when near.

It’s OK to fear baby girl, Momma’s always here for you. 

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One day, very soon, You will leave home.

I pray you find your way, Always come when you can,

I will miss you baby girl, Momma’s here and loves you.

We strive to live and to love, To grow and to change,

But baby girl,  Please don’t forget me.

Out in the world, I pray it will be kind,

You’ll love and learn its lessons.

OK to cry baby girl, I will always come and find you. 

Hold your heart on your sleeve, Never fear just to leave,

Whatever hurt comes your way, Stand strong and be brave.

For love has your soul, Always helping you find home.

A listening ear, Shed those tears,

My time will be yours. Be loud and be proud,

Hold steady your heart, Find love and be kind.

It’s Ok baby girl, Momma’s here and loves you.

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