Where To Next? Sunshine State

Ahh, a new year and new adventures on the horizon. We took a long weekend trip to Vermont in January, for some skiing and snowshoeing. It was my first time skiing since my ski injury last winter so I was definitely nervous getting back out there; my knee still isn’t back to normal. I did it! And I have since gone skiing here in Connecticut too and did even better. I wasn’t going to let fear win. With the pandemic going on, a road trip to Vermont was special to get in.

Moving on!

I have two trips to Florida coming up! The first is with just one of my daughters, a rescheduled 13th birthday trip we will now be taking for her 14th birthday. Disney World is her happy place so we will spend two days there, one at Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot, her two favorite parks. I took a solo Mommy & Me trip with my oldest kid at age 13 and my husband and I decided I’ll do it with all three kids. A special way to celebrate becoming a teen and mommy getting all sad. Lol.

We haven’t decided if we will go anywhere in March yet. March is my least favorite month of the year so I’m adamant about skipping town and doing something fun. Last year we did upstate NY and maybe we’ll do a road trip like that again.

In April I will be heading back to Florida for a family trip to the Orlando area, but not Disney this time. I want to explore outside of the Disney bubble you easily get sucked into when you go down there. We are going to go to Universal Studios, the beach, Cape Canaveral, and maybe somewhere else to roam and relax. Looking forward to it!

Do you have a favorite place to visit in Florida? I’ve been all over the state in my life but only to Disney with the kids. They need to see more of it 🙂

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