Where To Next? Autumn Day Trip and Clearwater

I’m not usually one to travel too much during autumn because where I live is so gorgeous. This year I am wandering just a little bit 🙂


My sister and I are having a Sister Sunday where we will be wandering around Massachusetts to hike and explore Sturbridge. This past early springtime we wandered around Concord and just loved that day together. We are making a sister day a habit every spring and autumn.

I haven’t been to Sturbridge Village since I was a child and now that I am an adult with a stronger appreciation and love of history I can’t wait to see it with different eyes.


My husband and I haven’t taken a trip without the children since before the pandemic and will be spending three nights in Clearwater Florida. We want to sit on the white sand and listen to the waves in peace.

Do you have any plans for this autumn?

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