Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks: Fall Style Inspiration and A Money Saving Trick

Some of the items I’ve received from the NSale have already sold out and are removed from the site. You have to be quick if you want something! There are lots of women’s items that have been out of stock and restocked a couple of times in the last week, I’m sure that will continue for most things. I do find the accessories go quick and never return!

Another helpful hint I’ve learned if you are shopping online and want your order fast (am going to remember for future sales), don’t make a large order. My first order was the largest one I did and the only one yet to even ship. My smaller orders I did after, with items I wasn’t too worried about getting if they sold out before I ordered, came already. Note to self, don’t order more than four items in one order.

OK, now onto what I’ve received and have loved and some other tricks on saving money:

Went matchy matchy with the hat and shoes

This running hat from Sweaty Beatty and this Baum & Pferdgarten top are long gone, sorry! I’m feeling pink for autumn this year, so not your typical fall color and I’m excited to mix it up. The shoes are Steve Madden Finn Mule icon and jeans are Paige Cindy jeans .icon (the best I’ve ever put on I can say with all honesty).

I talked recently on Instagram about saving money on jeans and buying via thrift stores. I stand behind that wholeheartedly but Paige jeans are not ones I’ve ever in my life found at a thrift store and they are amazing. I bought knowing full well they will be in my closet for a long time to come. I’ll be mixing it up with thrift and higher end 🙂

This top above has a dress in the same print and some other Baum & Pferdgarten icon items are still available. I’m new to this brand and am a fan.

Just saw now that this Gibson fleece top doesn’t have my color listed anymore, but other colors are still available: Gibson V-neck fleece icon. The softness had me immediately. I dressed it up and dressed it down with the Paige jeans, Steve Madden mules, booties from the sale two years ago (new version Steve Madden Bootie).

Ok, here is a money saving trick for you! I’ve eyed the Rails flannels in the NSale for years, never ever wanting to spend $99 as the sale price for a flannel. Like, come on, how good can the shirt be compared to cheaper ones, amiright?!

One trick I’ve done for a couple of years and I should probably keep my mouth shut about but I love you all, every item you want to buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, check Nordstrom Rack first. The version from the previous year could potentially be there for cheaper. This Rails Flannel icon(current NSale one) is almost exactly the same as the one I just bought off Nordstrom Rack (older version) for less than the NSale price. I can say it is totally worth the Rack price, I wouldn’t pay more than that. You’re welcome.

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