Where to Next? Camping and California

I love writing these blog posts because it means new adventures are on the way. Where to next for us? A long weekend camping here in Connecticut and a trip to CA!

We will be heading camping next weekend, something we have done many summers with the kids. We go with extended family, pitch some tents at a campground and all hang out, cook, hike and sit by the pools. The type of trip where weather sits in the front seat and can make it a bit miserable if there are down pours. Prayers for sun and hope for the best. I’m putting together a blog post about what I bring camping for our family of five plus the dog.

In August we will be heading across the country to visit some family and friends in San Diego. We will also be spending a few days in Anaheim. This was a trip that was suppose to happen last summer; looking forward to visiting my old home state!

What plans do you have for summer trips?

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