What I Have On My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist

Disclaimer: the links below are affiliate links, I will make a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is at no extra cost to you, thank you for the support!


I always look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale every summer, it’s a one of a kind sale! I love autumn and see this as a way to refresh my fall wardrobe since this sale is a sale on new items, not clearance stuff. Preview day started this morning, meaning you can see what is in the sale but no one is allowed to buy anything yet. For me, I can shop starting July 16th, for the public it starts on July 28th.

I usually take what I saw from the spring fashion shows (the fall previews) and make a list of what I’m going to look for in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. This year I had two main attitudes I came away with from the fashion shows, monochrome looks and cozy/laid back looks. I think we are all still feeling the pandemic and want to feel like we are wearing a hug every day 🙂

After looking through the preview section (and after my eyes went crossed!) I saw some common trends, getting active and outdoors, comfort and back to school looks.

Here are my top ten items on my wishlist:

(I also included for you links to the category of the item to give you more of a variety of sizes, styles, etc.)

~ Zella Restore Soft Pocket Legging icon I buy a pair each year and continuously wear them and always want another! Great alone to exercise or under ski and snow pants. Link to Zella leggings iconin the sale.

~ Zella Puffer Vest I can never pass up a cute vest to wear on my fall hikes and I love this light color. Will pair it with the sweater listed next, going for a monochrome and simple outdoor look. Link to all Vests icon in the sale.icon

~ Treasure & Bond Oversize Hooded Sweater to wear under the vest. A new hoodie for autumn feels like a necessity. Link to other hoodies icon in the sale.icon

~ Bernardo Textured Faux Fur Jacket icon Fuzzy and cozy, all I need to say. Link to other Bernardo jackets in the sale icon because I love them all. I love a black monochrome look, planning on wearing this with black wide legs pants I already own, over several black dresses I own and with jeans and black boots.

~ Julia Jordan Floral Drop Waist Long Sleeve Dress icon Love the autumn colors on this dress, perfect for several boots I already own and I’ll wear it under the Zella vest and Bernardo coat above. My first sighting of Julia Jordan dresses icon in this sale, I can see I’ll be a fan for time to come.

~ Timberland Hiking Boot icon I bought a pair of Timberland hiking boots last summer during the Nordi sale and can honestly say they were my most worn boot all autumn and into winter. I even just wore them last week with a dress on a cooler summer day. I wasn’t going to get another pair because I can still wear my old ones but I’m in love with the styles of the Timberland boots icon in this sale. The Chelsea style boot is super trendy right now, the Timberland ones don’t disappoint.

~ Barefoot Dreams Lite Cardigan icon I have a heavy Barefoot Dreams sweater I wear in the depths of winter and I want a lighter one for the fall. Link to all Barefoot Dreams cardigans iconin the sale, so soft and cozy.

~ Free People Swim Too Deep Sweater the beige color will match a lot of bottoms I already own and as someone who lives in sweaters all winter this one looks warm and relaxing. Link to oversized sweaters icon in the sale.icon

~ Acid wash mom jeans icon every year I challenge myself to something out of my comfort zone and I end up wearing that item a lot. Last year it was the faux leather leggings, this year it’s acid wash mom jeans. We shall see…

~ AllSaints Balfern Jacket I always add one way-out-there item I usually don’t end up forking the money over for and this green jacket is it for this year. The color got me!icon

I have some accessories and under clothing on my list too, nothing super exciting and I’ll share another time.

My recommendation if you are going to shop the sale, create a wishlist and toss your top ten items in it. One change Nordstrom did this year that I love is allow you to put items on your wishlist even if they are sold out. Turn on notifications for the Nordi app and you’ll get word when those items are back! Some items get restocked during different phases of the sale so all is not lost if you had hopes of getting something initially sold out. And join the Nordy Club! A free way to get reward dollars to use in the future. Click the pic below to get started!


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