Where to Next? NYC and the Caribbean

Where to next? New York City and Jamaica!

My next wandering is an anniversary (our 20th!) weekend away to NYC. We haven’t had much time alone without the children so I am eager for this little trip. We will be driving in, staying in the flower district and attending the Yankees and Red Sox baseball game. How cool is that?! I already booked a Friday night outing and brunch for Saturday. I always recommend making food reservations ahead of time if you can.

Since it will be a weekend of adulting, I’m planning on packing light cute summer dresses and of course a baseball t-shirt for the game. No swimsuits or anything like that and the thought of extremely light packing sounds amazing.

As for our next family wandering, once the kids are out of school we will be boarding a plane to the Caribbean. Our first flight in two years, wow. My kids will be using their passports for the first time. There is nothing quite like that first stamp in your book. We are heading to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica and since the children are accompanying us we will be staying on property the entire time. I’m not comfortable exploring with kids in tow to an island I’ve never been to.

After this past school year we all need a relaxing vacation! I do hope you have something planned too. I’ll do a follow up post on both trips 🙂

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