Where To Next? After The Adirondacks

My family and I visited the lower Adirondacks in NY for a long weekend and this is my follow up to the Where to Next blog post from before the trip.

It was a relaxing road trip, no drama, cozy time away from home and I soaked in the family time! I’m someone who has a hard time with staycations, I can’t get off my mind all the to-do items inside my house. Booking an Airbnb is my cure. It doesn’t even have to be far. This drive was right around exactly three hours. We drove on a Friday night, coming home early/mid day on a Monday. No traffic! The home was right on Great Lake Sacandaga.

The lovely house as viewed from the edge of the lake.

It was quite cold; mid-March in upstate NY still sees snow. If I didn’t have a leg injury I would have been able to enjoy more snow activities but alas, sitting by a fire was the soul fuel I needed anyway. Oh, and the amazing sunsets two nights in a row!

We did spend a few hours exploring, visiting General Philip Schyuler’s country house and walking around Saratoga Spa State Park.

I imagine visiting the Adirondacks in warmer weather is even more amazing. The many hikes and water adventures will certainly bring me back to the area. If you are looking for a lake that is quieter than Lake George certainly check out Great Lake Sacandaga!

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