Rainy Day Styles Lately

Late winter, early spring, we get ready for wet weather here in New England. Waterproof those shoes, get a cute umbrella and roll with it. Some days you sport your winter coat again and some days a rain jacket or good old hoodie. I’ve showed my kids it’s OK and actually fun to get wet in the rain. We’ve done our fair share of jumping in puddles, rain dancing and swimming in rain (as long as there’s no thunder and lightning!) and the kids don’t even want to carry umbrellas, they are fine with getting wet 🙂

Years ago while my oldest was playing a soccer game in the rain I remember seeing all the other families huddled under their umbrellas on the sidelines. I didn’t want to stand there miserable so my two younger girls and I rolled down the wet hills and laughed and had a much better time than everyone else. You chose how you see your world.

Rolling in the rain

I have two rain wellie boots and one clear umbrella and I just mix and match with them. Our snow has been sticking around!

Add a trench coat if needed
Short sleeves for a warmer day
Fun colors for a gray day

My black boots are Pendleton from Costco and my red boots are Hunter from Bloomingdales. I’ve had both for years, they hold up! What is your favorite rain gear?

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