The Case For Why You Need A Bodysuit

I recently bought a black bodysuit from Yummie and now I am a believer. I ended up buying a short sleeve one from Nordstrom too.

For practical reasons in winter it’s a simple matter of an extra layer to keep you warm and fits under anything. It gives you a layer of smoothing on those love handles. I discovered I can wear it without a bra underneath, something I didn’t expect even though I am small chested. The snaps at the bottom aren’t as bothersome as I expected when using the bathroom, gets some getting use to though. I usually wear a tank top or form fitting long sleeve shirt as a base layer for winter, always fussing with it becoming untucked at the back, and not dealing with that with a bodysuit…cheers.

With straight jeans
Under sweaters
With skinny jeans
Under a cardigan

No pictures but I love wearing my bodysuit under a dress in winter. The versatility feels endless! Here are some looks for spring and summer in a short sleeve bodysuit.

For a cooler day with boots and a cardigan
And with a heavier sweater for a late winter day (I’d add nylons to the legs too)

The two bodysuits I’m wearing: Yummie and Women’s Bp. Henley Bodysuit (affiliate link).

Do you like wearing bodysuits?

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