Where to Next? Road Trip to The Adirondacks

Here in Connecticut we have many options for road trips, upstate NY is a favorite. Apparently anything outside of NYC and Long Island are considered upstate! We have traveled to Lake George oodles of times in summer and this year decided we will take a late winter trip to a different lake in the Adirondacks, Great Sacandaga Lake.

Sometimes the reason for a trip is a simple fact of wanting a general region and finding what Airbnb or Vrbo property is available at the time. We were looking for a property right on a lake because it is for only three nights and a real possibility because of the pandemic we won’t leave the house the entire time. Trips like this I like to plan and book as far in advance as possible, this trip we booked six weeks before.

Weather will play a big part in what we end up doing while we are at the lake. Anything from hiking and kayaking to snowshoeing, skiing or ice skating. Maybe only sit by the fire and read and play games and enjoy the view. Time away from home becomes more intentional family bonding regardless of what activities we end up doing. Packing will be heavily dependent on the weather.

Great Sacandaga Lake ~ this looks heavenly!

Although located outside of the Adirondack park region, I have my eye on an excursion to the Schuyler House in Stillwater, closed to indoor tours because of the pandemic, but hiking the area sounds perfect. It’s about 50 minutes from Great Sacandaga Lake. I’m a huge Hamilton fan 🙂 I would love to check out Saratoga Spa State Park and see the natural geysers there.

I use Pinterest a lot for planning small trips like this; you can always find pictures of beautiful locations near where you are heading.

Traveling with autistic teens? Headphones and music. I repeat, headphones and music. This will only be a couple of hours so making sure iPhones and iPods are charged and ready to go will be sufficient. Traveling with a kid who gets car sick? Yup, we’ve got it all. Other than Dramamine, which she takes upon leaving, I have found having a car DVD player has been a game changer for long drives. My suv, purchased in 2019, came with one and I’d never thought about having a tv in the car before. Cannot believe how well it works! Keeping the eyes in one place, front facing…cure for car sickness.

Where are your favorite road trips to?

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